We’re an innovative and entrepreneurial business that has experienced rapid growth from 2003 to where we are today.

As opposed to many of our competitors, we have recently experienced the formation and growth of a business and therefore understand better than anyone the issues and pitfalls that businesses experience on a day to day basis.

We’ve invested incredibly heavily in IT with a one eye on the future of legal services, which is a group of bespoke specialists using new working methods, robust systems and a pervasive use of IT. In short, we can dedicate our time on you and add value in an efficient and productive manner.

We also recognise that our commercial clients are tired of the traditional model of funding cases, which is to provide your legal adviser with a blank cheque, and which doesn’t enable a business to plan for the future, either from the perspective of legal spend or use of resource. Our focus therefore is to agree your objectives on day one, implement a strategy that meets your objectives, and work with you to mutually agree a funding model that works for you and your business, be it fixed fees or us sharing the risk with you.

See how our clear experts can help transform your business ideas.